I'm a Design Engineer based in Seattle WA.

I build digital products with experience from Planning and Research to UX/UI design to Front End Engineering

Whether you're looking for a developer that 'speaks designer' or a designer that 'speaks developer', I help
What's Possible!™️ get to <whats-possible>

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UX & UI Design


Product Design

Full Stack Development

What about AI?

A lot's changed very quickly, and the familiar skills and modes of work in tech professions are evolving. I am forward looking, and with education and experimentation have found incredible utility in AI tools, as well as limitations and flaws.

I use this technology as a multiplier. With a solid core of design and software development knowledge and expertise, I steer my AI assistance thoughtfully. I carefully consider requirements to arrive at appropriate solutions, and scrutinize generative output for hallucinations or poor quality that AI sometimes returns.

When we work together, you can expect me to make responsible and transparent use of all the tools at my disposal to get the best outcomes, and I'm eager to share my knowledge and efficiency gains with colleagues!

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Adobe Creative Suite