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GPT is the Heroku of AI

This is an appropriate approximation of the value GPT provides today. Not earth shattering technological leap, but an access point to machine learning powers.

posted Apr 15 2024
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The Rise of AI-First Products

The author outlines some principles of AI First design, with examples and comparisons to designs that fall short and mobile-first design paradigms. Also a tasteful takedown of the Rabbit r1 device 🫣

posted Jan 16 2024
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The Collapse of Insects

My two favorite things! Beautiful web design and interactive data presentation, plus awareness of an ecological collapse.

posted Jan 8 2024

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Metabolical: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine

Robert H. Lustig explains in dramatic detail the pervasive, damaging reach of the Food industry's influence on our health, economy, and ecosystem.

posted Jan 8 2024

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